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The most difficult thing that many apartment hunters have to deal with is finding apartment communities that have the things within each unit that the hunter wants. This can be very frustrating especially when something is advertised as being an available amenity and isn’t offered upon viewing and leasing. At the luxury apartment homes of Lincoln Medical Center you will not have to search any further. We have all the tools and accessories that you would want in your living unit. Having the right amenities truly does make the difference for apartment hunters and all their specifics. We understand that and that is why we provide luxury amenities within each of our units for our residents’ enjoyment.

One of the most sought after amenities that we offer in our units are the in unit washer and dryer. This makes the chore of doing laundry a lot easier and gives our residents more time to focus on other tasks. With your washer and dryer being in unit we also save you the trouble of having to block out time to go to the local laundry mat.

Another amenity we provide is, what we think, basic but a lot of communities go without. Microwaves. Microwaves are important for helping reheat a meal quickly or to assist with the cooking tasks that need to be done to complete a dinner. Seeing as to how the microwave has always been an important tool for meals and meal prep we figured it was best to have our units fitted with high quality ones.

You will also enjoy being able to have programmable air conditions. Being able to set times for certain temperatures to be achieved helps your energy bills and also makes the home comfortable for you and your schedule.

If one of our luxury apartment units sounds like a place you would like to call home call and schedule a viewing with us today!



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